Common Declaration for Responsible Partnerships


In the context of the COP 21, an International Forum on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) for Sustainable Development has been held in Annemasse. Within this framework and in view of the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN, the Cité de la Solidarité Internationale organized on October 30 2015 a collective intelligence workshop gathering representatives from the civil society as well as public and private stakeholders.

Considering that PPPs are widely deployed in order to meet global economic, social and environmental challenges with serious repercussions on our climate;

Considering that PPPs raise issues regarding benefits and risks specifically for each stakeholder;

The assembly calls for PPPs that guarantee access for all to common goods and the respect of Human Rights to foster an economy of human dimension.

The actors gathered at the occasion of the World Café recommend to:

  1. Include the civil society in the entire process of public-private partnerships, upstream to downstream, in a spirit of mutual trust and total transparency, notably by
    • Identifying the genuine needs;
    • Promoting the general interest as the final goal and avoiding conflict of interest;
    • Controlling the services of which they are the main beneficiaries;
  2. Raise politicians’ awareness and better inform the civil society – citizens and associations – in order to give voice to their opinion and support their legitimacy by publication of contracts, education, awareness raising campaigns and intellectual and material access to all documentation relating to PPPs;
  3. Create a legal framework and appropriate tools in order to strengthen and establish the civil society’s legitimacy necessary to be considered as an unquestionable player of tripartite partnerships;
  4. Guarantee co-construction of equal win partnerships with general interest as a common objective to avoid an unbalanced or competitive approach;
  5. Consider alternative approaches and initiatives of collaboration (such as social and solidarity-based economy) as an evolution towards more balanced and inclusive partnerships favoring a participatory democracy.


The discussions has demonstrated that a multi actor and partnership-based approach, especially regarding PPPs, may constitute a pertinent tool to promote sustainable development.

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