The Forum will be held in Château Rouge, in the city of Annemasse, located just a few kilometres South of Geneva. Château Rouge is a hub for artistic performances in the Greater Geneva region and a trans-border cultural link between France and Switzerland. 

Born in the 1980s, Château Rouge is an association subsidised association by the city of Annemasse in the framework of a Public Service Delegation. Its mission is the dissemination of all the Performing Arts disciplines with a particular focus on contemporary music, dance and contemporary theater, youth, cooperation with local cultural stakeholders, cross-border cooperation and fostering creativity.

A place of creation and dissemination, Château Rouge gradually became an officially recognised and subsidised stage in the Rhône Alpes Region, and since January 2015, also receives subsidies from the state. A cultural hub open to all, Château Rouge promotes performance arts in all its forms: theater, dance but also circus, jazz, contemporary music and young audiences. Each season offers over 130 different performances.



Address :

1, route de Bonneville CS 20293

74100 Annemasse CEDEX, France