International Forum on Sustainable Mobility

While urbanization is now recognized as one of the main drivers of transformation in the 21st century, cities
and territories are facing new challenges caused by a growing population density, economic activity and social
and cultural interactions. These environmental and humanitarian challenges lead local developmental actors
to work more closely together on the design and establishment of tomorrow’s cities and territories.
The International Forum on Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Cities and Territories was born from a
partnership between a UN institution, UNITAR, and a local authority, Annemasse Agglo.
Supported since the beginning by the French government, this event aims to bring together public and
private sectors for a more sustainable system by finding concrete ways to address/meet
the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Following the 2015 edition on public-private partnerships for sustainable development which gathered more
than 600 participants, 2018 will focus on the issue of sustainable mobility. This latest edition will rely on
the urban development of Greater Geneva, completely rethinking movement around the cross-border territory
and developing a sustainable transport infrastructure to act as an alternative to the car and positions itself as
a territory for experimentation and innovation support. 
In this dynamic context, a consortium of public partners (the French government, local authorities, the UN)
and the private sector has decided to organize an international forum on sustainable mobility and invites
all public and private actors in local development to come and debate issues related to partnerships
for sustainable cities and territories.